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Despite all the efforts against terrorism on the internet, all who fight terrorism are in small groups. Thus, there was and still is a need to for a coalition to unite those who fight against terrorism. That coalition is now the Anti-Terrorism Coaliton (ATC). The ATC is anti-terrorism while underlining Islam as the greatest form of terrorism.

The ATC came into existance in late April of 2003. It's main goal, to unite everyone against terrorism. We must fight as one organization against terrorism. Already, the ATC has begun to create worldwide charters. The ATC is here to stay and no one, not the terrorists, not the Liberals, or anyone else is going to stop us from securing our freedoms. The terrorists are trying to take over the United States. They have tried to take over the United States, but they have failed. So far, it is just luck, but now it is also the ATC.

The American charter of the ATC is here for good. If you want to fight terrorism, JOIN!

About the ATC of the USA
On June 17, 2003, the United States Charter of the ATC came into existance! "The ATC is here to protect the world from terrorism and to unite the world against terrorism." We will focus on reporting terrorist websites to the webhosting companies and to the authorities. We will report terrorists. We will educate the public about what the Quran really says. It has 123 verses supporting terrorism.
"Jihad [holocaust of non-Muslims] is a religious duty imposed by Muslim law for the spread of Islam ... Muslims are under obligation to wage war against all mom-Muslims" - Encyclopedia Britannica. ( )
 ( )


"Terrorism is ordered by Allah in the Quran. Terrorism is the American language, but in the Quran language, it means to make the enemies frightened" Headlines today!
click here for an interview with the mother of a suicide bomber! ( )
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