History of the ATC
Week of August 4, 2003

It was in May 2003, that the ATC (Anti Terrorism Coalition) came into existance. Before that, the now high-ranking ATC members, who started the ATC were the webmasters of the AMS (Anti Muslim Society). The AMS had existed already existed several years. I, Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel, was not part of the AMS or AMS forum until April 2003. The AMS had already been banned nearly fifteen times by yahoo for being against terrorism. Yahoo, a supporter of terror has banned both the AMS forums and AMS website many times. To this date, the AMS has been banned seventeen times, but it stays strong and it continues to grow. In April 2003, after the AMS was banned, I called for the start of an organization. An organization to unite all other organizations against terrorism.

On April 30, 2003, the first ATC forum was created, followed by the first ATC website several weeks later. I had an organization before that, but it failed in March 2003. The webmaster of the AMS became the webmaster of the ATC and choose another webmaster, who had helped with the AMS to become the webmaster of the AMS. Slowly, the ATC grew. It was banned once. That wasn't a big attack on the ATC. It continued to grow. Its forum also continued to grow.

In late June 2003, the ATC created its first charter, ATC USA, of which I am the webmaster. I recruited six of the twenty sites the ATC now has. ATC USA got several sites to even put up the ATC USA banners.

On June 27, 2003, yahoo workers, affiliated with a Liberal Christian group, which supported Al-Quida; hacked between eight and twenty seven anti-terror sites. It was that Friday night, on June 27, 2003, that ATC International, (the biggest threat to terrorist supporters) was hacked. On the next day, ATC USA, followed by AMS, List-Islam, Anti Jihad Europe, and many other sites were hacked. The ATC retaliated, preventing attacks on several other sites including Our Enemies and Hindu Unity.

Now, the ATC is bigger than ever, with over twenty sites, a forum with over six hundred members and two thousand five hundred messages, and of course with two biggest allies, the AMS and my site.

The ATC recently created ATC Israel and is working on ATC Canada and ATC India. ATC Canada is expected to be finished any day now. ATC India, should be finished soon also. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to JOIN the ATC, please email bensmazel@mail.com.
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