Week of July 7, 2003

Grodno had a Jewish community existing hundreds of years. There was also a cemetery there. During World War II, the Nazis destroyed the community. Many more people, including Holocaust victims were buried there until the 1950s, when the Soviet government seized control of the cemetary. In 1958, half of the cemetery was destroyed and turned into a stadium.

Now, the Belarusian government wants to expand the stadium to be suitable for the Olympics. Already, half of the graves have been destroyed completely. Uprooted! Now, they want to destroy the whole cemetery. They want to uproot everything. They have already begun to do this. This is clearly anti-Semitism.

If you want to stop this cemetery from being destroyed, you can help by spreading this message to as many people as possible.

Also, send faxes to the Olympic Commitee and demand that Belarus be disqualified from the Olympics. Send faxes to these three influential people on the Olympic Committee:

1) International Olympic Committee, Mr. Jacques Rogge(Switzerland) FAX: 4121-621-6216
2) Greek National Olympic Committee, Ms. Glanna Angelopoulos Daskalali, President FAX: 30210-200-4004
3) Greek National Olympic Committee, Mr. Lambis Nikolaou, Vice President, FAX: 30210-200-4004

Again, spread the word to all your friends. Spread the message to as many people as possible. IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE, PLEASE POST THIS ON IT. DON'T LET THEM DESTROY THE GRODNO CEMETARY.

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