Massive Cyber-Terrorist Attack
Week of June 29, 2003

The sites of ATC, ATC USA, AMS, List Islam, Anti Jihad Europe, and another site were hacked and destroyed. The hackers were found to be yahoo workers and/or staff members. A Christian Liberal group was responsible for the attack on allied interests. The email account of the ATC Director was also spammed.

The ATC International site was attacked late Friday night. Saturday afternoon, ATC USA, AMS, and List-Islam were destroyed.

These attacks came after a supposedly allied site, Enough is Enough suddenly requested to be taken off the ATC webring unless the AMS would be taken off. Emails requesting this were sent to and to The reasoning of Enough is Enough webmaster Michael N was that Enough is Enough is against Islam, not Muslims. However, same with the ATC and its allies.

ATC Members refused to take off the AMS and in the end took off enough is enough. This happened on Thursday and Friday.

Later Friday, June 27, Michael N emailed the ATC and was still angry at us and compared us to "Nazis," even though our sites said the same thing as him.

It was around 9pm, Friday June 27, that the ATC International site went down. It went down "piece by piece" meaning that it could only have been hacked.

I was the only one online when this happened. The ATC members were contacted.

Saturday, June 28, ATC USA, AMS, and List-Islam (the biggest and oldest anti-terror webring but not linked to ATC and AMS), were all destroyed.

It was believed that the Michael N, the webmaster of Enough is Enough played a major role in bringing down ATC websites. He may have reported it to yahoo and the Liberal Christian group, which was directly responsible for the hacking of allied sites.

Retaliation occured afterwards. The retaliation may have prevented at least two other attacks on anti-terror sites. Our Enemies and Hindu Unity were both visited by this Liberal Christian group. However, they weren't attacked. More reports of anti terror sites, possibly down are coming in. So far, six anti-terror sites have been confirmed to have been hacked and destroyed.

More attacks may be coming. This, according to the same source as the one that reports Hindu Unity and Our Enemies were possible targets, also states that the hackers may have recovered from the retaliation and may be plotting attacks on sites. Some very popular sites may be attacked. The following sites should go to high alert:, Kahane Tzadak, Hindu Unity, Our Enemies, Anti-Jihad International, and Palestine. The urls will not be given in this article for security reasons. However, anyone who knows the urls of these sites, or is the webmaster should help in any way. Attacks on sites not listed here are also possible.

Al-Quida was not responsible for these attacks and this has been confirmed. The Al-Quida hackers did not visit any of the websites before or around the attacks.

A new security plan for the ATC, ATC USA, and AMS has been developed and was implemented on Monday, June 30, 2003. The urls of the new ATC and ATC USA sites are expected to be released as soon as one or two days from now. (today being June 30, 2003) There is no news about the AMS, however it should be up in a week or so.

For the latest news on this Cyber-terror attack, visit Anti Terror Forum
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