Week of June 23, 2003

On June 17, 2003, ATC USA came into existance. Several days later, ATC Israel and ATC India came into existance. ATC Canada is still being created. I am the webmaster of ATC USA. For now, I and the Director of the ATC are co-webmasters of the ATC Israel site and ATC India site. The ATC Israel site is now finished and the ATC India site is close to being finished. (It should be finished within a few days). ATC Canada, whose webmaster is The Raphi, is still being made. It should be up by next week. There is also talk of an ATC charter in England. It maybe started by the end of this summer, but right we are not certain.

The main ATC website is doing great with its visitors rate increasing every day. The ATC is here to unite everyone against terrorism. Most people fight terrorism in small groups, but now, the ATC is getting bigger and stronger. In a few months, the ATC will be very big. Over fifty webmasters of anti-terror sites have been emailed during the past week. As we find more sites, we will continue to email them. In the past two days, over thirty sites have been emailed. About five replies have been recieved in the past forty eight hours and more are expected during the next two weeks.

The ATC USA website, which is still not known to many people, has been getting over thirty visitors a day. The visitor rate is increasing and is expected to increase rapidly by next week according to predictions made by several ATC members.

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