June 16, 2003

Since Islam's existance, people have been forced to convert to Islam. Countries were taken over and people were converted. In India, where many people didn't want to convert, over 100,000 people were killed and some were converted. Jihad I ended then. Now, Islam is going against the world. Africa, half of Asia, parts of the Balkans, and parts of Spain aren't enough anymore.

A few years after World War II, planning for World War III began. Muslims began to "immigrate" to Germany, France, England, America, and almost to everywhere else in the world. At first, they began to get jobs and it seemed like they were harmless. Then they built their Mosques and then the Immams got orders from Islamic countries. The orders were to get those Muslims to support terrorism. So the Immams took out the Quran and began to read the 123 verses supporting terrorism. Then, the people began to organize. Then, more Muslims came.

In the 1970s, Jihad II began. Planes were hijacked, bombings occured, innocent non-Muslims killed. However, in some places World War III began before World War II began. In Israel, Muslims started killing Jews before the 20th century!

Still, nothing was done until 9/11/2001. Then, the US awoke, to some extent. The terrorists made a mistake. The Taliban was planning to take over Afghanistan and if the Northern Allience would've been crushed, the US may have ended up like the USSR in its invasion of Afghanistan. Then the terrorists would've gone for Kazakstan and Uzbekestan.

If the terrorists would've waited, the world would be in far more serious trouble. Still, the world is in serious trouble. In Europe, Muslims continue to come to Europe. Even to the US, Muslims still come. At the Mosques, Muslims are told to start Jihad. In all Mosques it is the same. In fact, the only Muslims that do not support terrorism are those that do not go to Mosques. These Muslims aren't Muslims, they are human beings, they are good people. The only way to educate a Muslim, is to get him away from Islam. The AMS has a huge amount of facts about Islam.

Unfortunately, many people will have to get killed. Mostly Muslims though. All that must be done is the killing of the officials of the governments of Islamic countries, key members of terrorist organizations, and several cities have to massacred to make the Muslims afraid. Then the Mosques should be destroyed, all the Qurans also destroyed, and the Muslims should be educated.

All that we must do is this and terrorism will stop. We don't want to kill anyone, but if we don't, we will be killed.
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