June 10, 2003

The ATC (Anti Terrorism Coalition) is an organization which is getting all anti-terror organizations, people against terror, and anti-terror sites to unite. Sites display the ATC banner and get their site put in ATC links. When this is done, you have automatically joined the ATC. The ATC is building up the biggest amount of links to anti-terror sites ever. The ATC is also starting world wide charters. Those who are interested, please email,, or me at The ATC also wants organizations to join.

The ATC is an organization consisting of people, organizations, and sites. It is not here to take over organizations but to unify them into in the war against terror. When an organization joins the ATC, it is just making connections to the ATC. If it ever needs help, the rest of the ATC can help it. If someone else in the ATC needs help, the whole ATC can help. The ATC will make all anti-terror people, organizations, and sites fight terrorism as one strong force. Please make sure to visit the ATC website and forum. JOIN THE ATC!
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