Daily Editorials Are Back
June 7, 2003

Since May 17, 2003, I haven't wrote one daily editorial on this site. It was because a pro-Israeli club opened up in my school and I had to work on that website and update it every day. The club is called Jewish Advocacy Club. Since we won't be doing much during the summer, I will spend some of my time working during the summer on this site. I will also spend time fighting terrorism. There are many terror sites out there, and they must be reported. There are many terror forums and they must be reported as well as spammed.

I will write daily editorials for much of this summer on this site. I will also be making some changes for the better on this site. Also, I urge all visitors to this site to put links and/or banner links to my site on their sites. If you have a site, email me in order to make a link exchange.
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