Islamic terror sites on the web
May 13, 2003

Islamic terror sites on the web is a site about the websites of terrorists. Details about the terrorist sites are given. The webmaster of the site, identifying himself as Johnathan R Galt has contributed alot to the anti terror cause. Some of the websites on the list have been hacked. While others such as have been hacked, tracked, and taken over by allied hackers! But many terror sites still remain. The Azzam websites and the OBL Crew websites continue to move. There are many Azzam and OBL Crew sites. OBL Crew stands for Osama Bin-Laden Crew; of course.

The Azzam and OBL Crew websites are the websites of Al-Quida. The website of Hizbullah is also working. (previously thought to be shut down) These sites have not been shut down proving that many American webhosting companies support terrorism as I have noted in previous daily editorials.

Also in recent days:,,, and other Jewish websites have not been working for over five days. This seems a bit too long for these websites to not be working, meaning that there is a possiblity that the server of these websites might have been hacked by Arabs. The Arabs will pay if that is the case.

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