Fifty eight years ago, WWII ended in Europe
May 9, 2003

Fifty eight years ago, WWII ended in Europe. This was the day that the Holocaust ended everywhere. (the first Holocaust of modern times). Three years later, the second one began. A few hours after Israel declared its independence, the Middle Eastern Nazis (also known as Arabs) attacked Israel. Five Arab countries including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon attacked Israel. For nearly a year, there was fierce fighting, but in the end, Israel won. Israel has won all of the wars.

Then, the Arabs used a new stategy. Instead of having countries attack Israel, they had small groups of people attack Israel. Nearly twenty five thousand Israelis have been killed since Israel's existance. (This including soldiers and other victims of terror) The Arabs have stayed the same. They are still all terrorists and that is why we must smash the Arabs.

This is a quiet Holocaust, Holocaust #2 and nothing has been done about it. TRANSFER IS THE ONLY ANSWER. The Arabs don't understand any other humane ways. Transfer is the only humane answer. NO ARABS IN ISRAEL! ISRAEL IS A JEWISH STATE!

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