What freedom of speech?
May 8, 2003

What freedom of speech? Is there freedom of speech in our schools? In other public places? Not for Conservatives. Arabs, Gays, and Liberals have freedom of speech. There are always days or events for support of these groups. The Faggots get their days. Those Arab Nazis get support all the time. Schools allowed Liberals and Arabs to hang up posters against the (then upcoming) war in Iraq. But when several people, including me wanted to hang up posters supporting the (then upcoming) war in Iraq, the answer was "no."

The Liberals get their programs at public places but none for Conservatives. Only the Liberal point of view is heard. Well what about Conservatives, don't they get a right to state their opinion? Shouldn't both sides be heard? Not the case here!

Well here's what I've got to say about this. Liberals, Fags, and Arabs are polluting our enviorment. And us Conservatives, are being pushed out and in some cases even arrested. For example, the director of the JDL, Irv Rubin, and his sidekick, Earl Kruger for arrested. They were framed for planning to blow up a Mosque. However, the JDL is a peaceful organization. They defend, they don't attack. And in the end, Irv Rubin was murdered (he didn't commit sucicide, that is bullsh*t made up by Liberals) Many other peaceful Conservative activists have been arrested.

The Liberals are taking over the world. Those damn hippies are polluting the United States, Israel, and India with their pro-Arab Nazi, pro-Gay, and pro-racist bullsh*t and they call us Conservatives racist.

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