May 6, 2003 (Iyar 5, 5763)

Today, is Israel's fifty fifth independence day! It was fifty five years ago, that Israel became a country and was attacked by five Arab countries a few hours later that same day. It was one of Israel's worst wars. Although, Israel had only two planes, and had just come into existance, it defeated the Arabs but suffered high causualties. This was the first out of five Arab-Israeli Wars. Israel has defended itself for over fifty five years now and now it is again in trouble. But Israel will defeat those Arab Nazis again.

Today, however, we are all Israelis, no matter what political opinion a person may have, we are all Israelis.

Israel is a Jewish state, the only Jewish state. It takes up a very small percentage of the Middle East. (much less than even 1%) And still, the Arabs are trying to take our land away. The Arabs are occupying the West Bank and Gaza. The answer is transfer. Or at least occupation. And although I do not agree with Sharon and I do not believe he should be in office and should be replaced by Bibi, let's save that for another day. For at least one day, let's have all the Israelis be united.

We have been victims of anti-Semitism for over 3000 years starting with our enslavement in Egypt but we have survived! And we will survive this Intifada. We will not let these terrorists destroy Israel. The Arabs have tried to "drive Israel into the sea" but they have failed. And they will fail. Instead, the so called Palestinians (for the term Palestinian was invented after the Six Day War for Jordanian refugees) will be driven- driven into Jordan!

Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel's Site wishes Israel a great Independence Day! And as I have said, do not worry, we will win this war on terror!
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