Liberal Extremism Taking Over
May 5, 2003

There are many Liberal Extermists in the United States, Israel, and India. These people either believe that terrorism can be fought peacefully. Some of them are lawyers for terrorists. They are the people who haven't let these countries do what needs to be done. These people have a majority in the governments of these countries. Therefore, these Liberal Extermists are traitors.

These are the very people that support gay rights and that support terrorism. Gays do not deserve rights. They are mentally ill people who should be locked away in mental hospitals or jails. It isn't normal to be gay, bisexual, or transexual. These people have a disease. These people are polluting our societies and the Liberal Extermists are coming to their rescue. Same with the Arabs. (Only they don't have a disease, the majority of Arabs are the disease) In fact, especally the Arabs. The Arabs and many other Muslims are terrorists. They should all be deported out of Israel, India, and the United States. The majority of Arabs come to the US for terrorism, not immigration. It is true that some come to the US for immigration, but most are members of Al-Quida, Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, and many other Islamic terrorist organizations.

Let me make it perfectly clear; not all Muslims are terrorists but the majority of them are. The Quran has over 100 verses that approve the actions of terrorists and only intelligent and well-educated Muslims understand that those verses are wrong. In Israel, the only solution is the deportation of all Arabs. In India, the solution is the same. It is different in the US because it is far away from the Islamic countries. However, any Muslims suspected of having connections to terrorism must be deported.

The only reason we haven't done the right things is because we have these Liberals standing in our way and voicing their garbage about how terrorists are human too. We must ignore these Liberals! We must get Conservatives in the government. We must not give lawyers to the Islamic terrorists at all. We know they are guilty. Why waste our money on trials? Just shoot them after interrogation. And the lawyers defending terrorists should all be charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison or death. Anti-war organizations that block streets and vandalize homes should all be shut down and their members, arrested. Mosques which support terrorism must be blown to bits and their members deported or killed.

We can't sit here and do nothing. We must fight!
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