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Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel's Site, a Winner of Golden Web Award
May 4, 2003

Around April 20, 2003, I submitted my site to the Golden Web Awards. If I were to win, I would get their icon on my site and when it would be clicked on, it would go to a page which said, "This site, Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel's Site is a proud winner of the Golden Web Awards." The way Golden Web Awards works is that judges of the organization which gives out the awards have to vote for the site. If the site meets certain qualifications, it obviously gets those votes.

About two weeks later, on May 2, 2003, I come home that Friday, and I check my email. And there I finally get a message about my results. I open the email and read and to my surprise, my site recieved enough votes to be a winner. Then, I went and recieved my icon.
Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel's Certificate

In other news, Sharon critized the Elon Peace Plan. "This system of people traveling abroad for the purposes of their ministries and then dealing with diplomatic issues is unacceptable," Sharon said. He then added, "This is not the only time this has happened… Whoever thinks that the government can function by exerting pressures on Congress and from there on the Presidency does not understand the situation, the relations with the U.S., and the campaign that we are waging. This causes heavy damage to Israel… It is a big mistake to go to the U.S. and activate elements against the Administration. It causes great and unnecessary damage and makes our diplomatic campaign harder… Don't deal with these issues in Congress, especially when sometimes this is against the White House."
MK Yuri Stern responded on Ynet to Sharon's outburst: "Our absolute opposition to the Road Map and the establishment of a Palestinian state is noted clearly in the coalition guidelines, as is the freedom of action that we have here and abroad against the dangerous ideas of the Road Map." Stern continued, "There is tremendous opposition in the Congress to the Road Map, and the [Israeli] national camp must encourage them and thus help the State of Israel."

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