Yahoo,Bravenet, Freeservers, MSN, and other companies supporting terrorism
April 27, 2003

There is more and more evidence that many American companies support terrorism. There are many terrorist forums found on Yahoo, Bravenet, and MSN. Many forums have "anti-usa," "mujahadeen," "jihad," and other "terrorist words" in their urls! Many more forums with content promoting terror exist. According to the terms of service of all of these companies, no forum is to promote racism, terrorism, and violence. Yet these groups have hundreds and even thousands of members violating these terms.

Anti-terror forums, of which there are less, are being banned by these companies. One forum, Anti Islamic Society, which exposes the truth about Islam, which shows verses from the Quran that support terror (in fact there are 123 such verses), has been banned at yahoo. It now has a new url there could be banned again. In addition, the society's website who's content is transfered from geocities to bravenet is being banned for periods of time by Yahoo. This is just one example. Many more anti-terror groups have been banned. Many anti-terror websites have also been banned. Well if the Muslims have the right to promote racism, why do we anti-terrorists, who are promoting facts which are called "rasism" by liberal schmucks; are banned? The answer is that Yahoo, Bravenet, MSN, and Freeservers support terrorism.

Where is the freedom of speech and where is the enforcement of the law on terrorists? So terrorists have a right to say anti-American, anti-Israeli, and anti-Hindu things while anti-terrorists don't have a right to show their support for America, Israel, and India.

And it's not just on the internet. It is in schools, colleges, and many other places. In schools, for example, the anti-war activists were given permission to put up posters. When I and my friends wanted to put up posters showing our support for Iraq, we weren't given permission.

This is all because the majority of this country is Liberal. And Liberalism is anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist. Well not Liberalism itself but many of the people who are. The United States, Israel, and India are great countries but the majority seems to not understand that war is the only way that the terrorists understand and that the terrorists are the ones that don't deserve the first ammendment, not the anti-terrorists.
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