Yahoo, a supporter of terror?
April 26, 2003

Today, members of several forums against terrorism spammed several terrorist forums. Their names and the names of the forums spammed are not being released for security reasons.

Most forums were Muslim. Some of them were run by Americans who support these terrorists also known as Liberals and traitors. There were tens of spam messages. The allies would join, spam, and withdraw. The allies "bombarded" forums which directly stated hate towards America, Israel, and India. One forum had "anti-usa" in its name. Some forums were on yahoo and to our shock, they weren't banned while anti terrorist forums have been banned. Does this mean yahoo supports terror?

It sure does, it is helping the terrorists get rid of anti-terrorists. Freeservers, a website hosting service, banned several anti-terrorist websites while many more pro-terrorist websites can be found there. On yahoo, forums with "jihad" in there url can even be found! And many of them have hundreds of members. We all know that the majority of the world supports terrorism. And now we know that even many American companies also support terrorism. (Even those with no Muslims owning them)

So this leaves the question, was yahoo bribed, or are its owners traitors? And I don't think we'll know the answer to that for a while.

On the good news, my forum, Anti Terror Forum hasn't had any trouble. However, if it were to be banned, I and my allies (many of whom were part of the recent spamming attacks on terrorist forums), would launch a massive spamming attack on well-known Muslim forums and sites as well as the emails of terrorists.

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