What reforms?
April 25, 2003

The PA hasn't made any reforms. While Mazen is "Prime Minister", Arafat and his loyalists still stay in charge of negotiations and security forces. No difference, except Arafat gets to stay in nearly complete control. As the world was going to remove him, he used Abu Mazen, some other Palestinian schmuck posing as a "moderate leader" was given the title "Premier." But who has the control? Well Arafat of course.

So this means that we'll have more years of suffering from the Intifada and more people will die. But the world doesn't care. The world needs oil. The world is anti-Semitic. The only ally Israel has is the US which also can do much more but it isn't in America's "best interest" to be a better ally. Yes, the US has given Israel planes and other aid. But it has also blocked it from crushing the PA.

Until the US realizes that transfer is the only answer, people will continue to get killed. And right now, even Israel doesn't realize that transfer is the answer.

As for good news, Israel has launched an operation in Jennin to root out terrorism. Terrorists have been arrested but it is about the tenth time that Israel has done this "operation" and after a few weeks, the terror attacks continued.

Israel made a great mistake to begin with. It was the election of Barak. ("Barak the schmuck" as we refer to him here) He pulled out of Lebanon and he put down Israel's guard. He offered more land and the Intifada occured. There were many terror attacks in the 1990s. The least amount of terror attacks occured when Benyamin Netanyahu also known as Bibi, was Prime Minister. About two attacks occured in 1998 (even one is too many) but it was much better. It was because Bibi told Arafat the following: "If you start an Intifada, you're dead." Basically that saved Israel from the Intifada for a few more years.
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