Who is Abu Mazen?
April 23, 2003

What are the true colors of Mohmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)? A person who wants peace, or another Arafat?

Many news sources and countries believe that Abu Mazen is a moderate leader who wants peace. He is believed to not agree with Arafat on many issues. British Prime Minister Tony Blair phoned Arafat this morning and demanded that Mohmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) be sworn in as prime minister.

However, there is much more evidence that shows that Abbas is another Arafat. In a recent article, there Abu Mazen continues to support the Palestinian Intifada. He even supports the murder of Israelis in the pre-1967 borders. Asked about talks between the PLO and Hamas, Abbas says "We didn't talk about a break in the armed struggle ... It is our right to resist. The Intifada must continue and it is the right of the Palestinian People to resist and use all possible means in order to defends its presence and existence." The interviewer then asked, "Including using arms?" Abbas replies,"All means and arms as long as they are coming to your home, as this is the right to resist. The restriction applies only to 'Shahada-Seeking' [suicide] operations and going out to attack in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem."

This is proof that Mohmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is another Arafat. He is a terrorist. And if he gets full control, it will be worse for Israel then it is with Arafat in power. After a few decades, the world understood that Arafat was a terrorist. Now it will be a few decades for the world to understand Abbas is a terrorist. Arafat has it in his power to force Abbas to leave but Arafat wants a Palestinian state. So, he will make sure he stays in the PA and when Abbas achieves the Palestinian state, Arafat will take over the PA completely.

Abu Mazen must be killed right away before he becomes as important as Arafat and would be a martyar for the Palestinian people if killed. Abu Mazen must never become prime minister. If he does, Israel will be in great trouble for the world will not let Israel to retaliate in anyway for at least a decade.

This is more proof that nearly all Arabs are terrorists. Those who seem moderate are terrorists. And all the Arabs must be deported from Israel.
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