Who's Next?
April 19-21 Editorial

More and more Iraqi officials are being captured by the US. It is easier in the desert and cities to find these people than it was in Afghanistan where there are mountains. Hikmat Mizban Ibrahim al-Azzawi was captured today. He was Saddam's Finance Minister. Two out of three of Saddam's half brothers have also been captured. In the attack on the restruant, Saddam was believed to escape. Attacks on Saddam's life have occured many times. First in 1991 when his convoy was bombed. Then on the first day of the war when his bunker was bombed. Then on the restruant. He and possibly his sons are on their way to Syria. However, one of his sons is said to have died.

In other news, three more Iraqi officials were added to the terror list. Many Iraqi officials are trying to get to Syria.

Syria is also another terrorist state. Syria has chemical weapons. Syria harbors Hizbullah. Syria sponsers Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority (PA), Al-Aqsa Martyars Brigades (which is part of the PA), Fatah Party (political party of the PA), Al Quida, and many other terrorist organizations. Syria has killed thousands of Israelis. Before Israel's existance, Syria sent millitias to kill Israelis. When Israel came into existance, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon attacked Israel. There were five Arab-Israeli Wars. Although Israel won these wars, it suffered high causualties especally in the 1948 War and Yom Kippur War. There is now peace between Israel and Jordan, and Israel and Egypt. This is because Israel has defended itself so well that these countries are afraid of it. Iraq will not attack Israel either because now the US has forced Saddam Hussein out and the US will make sure that there isn't any terrorist regime there. Syria and Iran are the main threat now.

If we don't preempt on Syria, the Syrians will keep trying to kill Israelis and Americans too. Since the 1980s, Americans have been killed by Syrians.

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