Why is Israel Different?
April 17-18, 2003 Editorial

The US has won the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Palestinians (for whom the US wants to create a state) are strongly supporting Saddam. They are also planning terror attacks against Israel. But where is the world on that. When it comes to Iraq, their regime is terrorist and they have weapons of mass destruction and the US has every right to preempt.

Well how is Israel different? The PA is a terrorist regime. Saddam gave weapons of mass destruction to the PA. So why can't Israel preempt?

Well, it is because the world is anti-Semitic and the US, the only ally of Israel would be pressured by the world and especally by the United Nazis also known as UN. Also there is the oil problem. The Arabs have the oil and if the US would let Israel transfer the Palestinians, (the only way to achieve peace), the US would get an oil embargo.

The solution: First of all, we must start drilling in Alaska. Screw the wildlife. What's more important, animals or Jewish lives? Well duh. Then, after we rely on Alaskan oil, we can tell the Arabs to "Lekh teda" (translation: go fuck themselves) and then smash them. And most importantly, save Israel and liberate the West Bank and Gaza from Islamic occupation. After all it is part of the biblical state of Israel.

And anyone who doesn't support me can also go fuck themself cause if you're not with me, you're with the terrorists.

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